5 Week Zhredded Training Program


The Five Week Individualized Training Program has been designed to build muscle, strength, and mental awareness based upon improving weak points, and reaching your specific goals.

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A combination of muscle building (hypertrophy) rep ranges, and strength building rep ranges has been implemented to ensure progressive overload, and a linear path toward success. Every muscle group is targeted with a sufficient amount of volume to ensure maximal growth, strength, and development.

Within the training package itself, there is a lot of customization for YOU. This includes your choice in the actual number of days that you can dedicate to working your program. After your purchase, you will receive a questionnaire. The series of questions are necessary, and will allow me to take a brief look at your past/present lifestyle. This will allow me to break down your ambitions, to create a program that will bring you results! After your purchase, please allow 1-2 weeks for the development of your program, to ensure that you are getting the best material possible.

This program DOES NOT include a cardio regiment, or a nutrition guide. However, an abdominal routine, as well as a calves workout will be included with your package. These packages are non refundable.