Fitness has had an enormous impact on my life, in terms of mental and physical reconstruction. After battling with Cancer at the young age of 15, I had gone from an athletic teenager, to sickly stick figure. My pursuit in fitness had led me toward becoming the strongest, and healthiest that I could possibly be. Not only that, but my journey has inspired millions to follow through with their ambitions no matter the setback or obstacle. Fitness has become my passion as well as my obsession, and I would ultimately like to help and inspire as many people as possible to follow through with their ambitions. I have been writing workout and nutrition programs for friends, family, and acquaintances for years, and I have also worked “one on one” in fitness facilities, training individuals who want to better themselves.

  • 5 Week Zhredded Training Program5 Week Zhredded Training Program
    The Five Week Individualized Training Program has been designed to build muscle, strength, and mental awareness based upon improving weak points, and reaching your specific goals. A combination of muscle building (hypertrophy) rep ranges, and strength building rep ranges has been implemented to ensure progressive overload, and a linear path toward success.